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How to Become a Stripper


Abbie Cat (Solo)
Abbie Cat & Antonia (Duo)
Abbie Cat & Candy Alexa (Duo)
Abigaile Johnson (Solo)
Abigaile Johnson & Cindy Dollar (Duo)
Abigaile Johnson & Kari (Duo)
Aleska Diamond (Solo)
Aleska Diamond & Avril Sun (Duo)
Aleska Diamond & Sasha Rose (Duo)
Aleska Diamond & Zorah White (Duo)
Aletta Ocean (Solo)
Aliz (Solo)
Aliz & Abbie Cat (Duo)
Aliz & Antonia (Duo)
Aliz & Candy Alexa (Duo)
Ally (Solo)
Ally & Ashley Stillar (Duo)
Ally & Gessy (Duo)
Ally & Kirsten Plant (Duo)
Ally Style (Solo)
Alyssia (Solo)
Angelica Kitten (Solo)
Angelica Kitten (Solo)
Angelica Kitten & Leonelle Knoxville (Duo)
Antonia (Solo)
Ariel (Solo)
Ariel & Bianca (Duo)
Ariel & Tea (Duo)
Ashley Brooke (Solo)
Ashley Brooke & Eve Angel (Duo)
Ashley Brooke & Zara (Duo)
Ashley Bulgari (Solo)
Ashley Bulgari & Abigaile Johnson (Duo)
Ashley Bulgari & Cindy Dollar (Duo)
Ashley Stillar (Solo)
Ashley Stillar & Kirsten Plant (Duo)
Avril Sun (Solo)
Bambi (Solo)
Bambi & Sandra Shine (Duo)
Barbie White (Solo)
Barbie White & Bibi Noel (Duo)
Benji (Solo)
Benji & Niky (Duo)
Benji & Sherry (Duo)
Bianca (Solo)
Bianca & Walleria (Duo)
Bibi Noel (Solo)
Bibi Noel & Lana (Duo)
Bibi Noel & Mandy Dee (Duo)
Blue Angel (Solo)
Blue Angel & Dorothy Black (Duo)
Blue Angel & Maria Bellucci (Duo)
Brandy Smile (Solo)
Brandy Smile & Ashley Brooke (Duo)
Brandy Smile & Eve Angel (Duo)
Brandy Smile & Zara (Duo)
Bridget (Solo)
Bridget & Kety Pearl (Duo)
Britney & Playful Ann (Duo)
Britney & Zafira (Duo)
Cameron Cruz (Solo)
Candy Alexa (Solo)
Candy Alexa & Antonia (Duo)
Candy Alexa & Mandy Dee (Duo)
Carie (Solo)
Carie & Sandra Sanchez (Duo)
Carla Cox (Solo)
Carla Cox & Cynthia Vellons (Duo)
Carmen Croft (Solo)
Carmen Croft & Benji (Duo)
Carmen Croft & Niky (Duo)
Carmen Croft & Sherry (Duo)
Carol G (Solo)
Carol G & Ewe Sweet (Duo)
Carol G & Jordan (Duo)
Celina (Solo)
Celina & Deny (Duo)
Christina Jolie (Solo)
Christina Jolie & Melissa Ria (Duo)
Cindy Dollar (Solo)
Colette (Solo)
Colette & Britney (Duo)
Colette & Playful Ann (Duo)
Colette & Zafira (Duo)
Cynthia Vellons (Solo)
Danielle Maye (Solo)
Danielle Maye & Faye (Duo)
Danielle Maye & Lilly White (Duo)
Daria Glover (Solo)
Daria Glover & Carla Cox (Duo)
Daria Glover & Cynthia Vellons (Duo)
Daria Glover & Mily Jay (Duo)
Darla Demonia (Solo)
Darla Demonia & Pussykat (Duo)
Davon Kim (Solo)
Davon Kim & Dorothy Black (Duo)
Davon Kim & Maria Bellucci (Duo)
Deny (Solo)
Deny & Melisa (Duo)
Dorothy Black (Solo)
Elisa (Solo)
Elisa & Ally Style (Duo)
Emma Pearl (Solo)
Eufrat (Solo)
Eufrat & Carie (Duo)
Eufrat & Misa (Duo)
Eufrat & Sandra Sanchez (Duo)
Eve Angel (Solo)
Eve Angel & Monica Sweet (Duo)
Eve Angel & Zara (Duo)
Ewe Sweet (Solo)
Ewe Sweet & Roxy Taggart (Duo)
Faye (Solo)
Faye & Lilly White (Duo)
Ferrara Gomez (Solo)
Ferrara Gomez & Victoria Blaze (Duo)
Gessy (Solo)
Gessy & Ashley Stillar (Duo)
Gessy & Kirsten Plant (Duo)
Gettin Cute (Solo)
Gettin Cute & Iris (Duo)
Heaven (Solo)
Heaven (Solo)
Iris (Solo)
Isabella Clark (Solo)
Jana Cova (Solo)
Jordan (Solo)
Jordan & Ewe Sweet (Duo)
Jordan & Roxy Taggart (Duo)
Kari (Solo)
Kari & Ashley Bulgari (Duo)
Kari & Cindy Dollar (Duo)
Kathy Moore (Solo)
Kathy Moore & Bambi (Duo)
Kathy Moore & Lauryn May (Duo)
Kathy Moore & Sandra Shine (Duo)
Kattie Gold (Solo)
Kattie Gold & Bridget (Duo)
Kattie Gold & Kety Pearl (Duo)
Kety Pearl (Solo)
Kety Pearl & Leony April (Duo)
Kirsten Plant (Solo)
Kitty Jane (Solo)
Kitty Jane & Christina Jolie (Duo)
Kitty Jane & Melissa Ria (Duo)
Kitty Jane & Mona Lee (Duo)
Kristy Lust (Solo)
Kristy Lust & Monika (Duo)
Kristy Lust & Niky (Duo)
Laetitia & Rachel Evans (Duo)
Laetitia & Silvie Deluxe (Duo)
Lana (Solo)
Lana & Barbie White (Duo)
Lana & Mandy Dee (Duo)
Lauryn May (Solo)
Lauryn May & Bambi (Duo)
Lauryn May & Sandra Shine (Duo)
Leonelle Knoxville (Solo)
Leony April (Solo)
Leony April & Bridget (Duo)
Leony April & Kattie Gold (Duo)
Lilly White (Solo)
Lola (Solo)
Lola & Laetitia (Duo)
Lola & Rachel Evans (Duo)
Lou Charmelle (Solo)
Lou Charmelle & Darla Demonia (Duo)
Lou Charmelle & Oldia Paris (Duo)
Lou Charmelle & Pussykat (Duo)
Lucy Bell (Solo)
Lucy Bell & Gettin Cute (Duo)
Lucy Bell & Iris (Duo)
Mandy Dee (Solo)
Mandy Dee & Barbie White (Duo)
Maria Bellucci (Solo)
Maria Bellucci & Dorothy Black (Duo)
Melisa (Solo)
Melisa & Celina (Duo)
Melissa Ria (Solo)
Melissa Ria (Solo2)
Mia (Solo)
Mia Hilton (Solo)
Mily Jay (Solo)
Mily Jay & Carla Cox (Duo)
Mily Jay & Cynthia Vellons (Duo)
Misa (Solo)
Misa & Carie (Duo)
Mona Lee (Solo)
Mona Lee & Melissa Ria (Duo)
Monica Sweet (Solo)
Monica Sweet & Mia (Duo)
Monica Sweet & Natalia (Duo)
Monica Sweet & Sarah (Duo)
Monika (Solo)
Monika & Niky (Duo)
Monika & Tifany (Duo)
Natalia (Solo)
Natalia & Mia (Duo)
Nesty (Solo)
Nesty & Cameron Cruz (Duo)
Nesty & Sophie Moon (Duo)
Nicole Sweet (Solo)
Nicole Sweet & Cameron Cruz (Duo)
Nicole Sweet & Nesty (Duo)
Niki Sweet (Solo)
Niki Sweet & Gettin Cute (Duo)
Niki Sweet & Iris (Duo)
Niki Sweet & Lucy Bell (Duo)
Niky (Solo)
Niky (Solo)
Oldia Paris (Solo)
Playful Ann (Solo)
Pussykat (Solo)
Pussykat (Solo)
Pussykat & Oldia Paris (Duo)
Rihanna Samuel (solo)
Rihanna Samuel & Mia Hilton (Duo)
Rihanna Samuel & Sunshine (Duo)
Rihanna Samuel & Tiffany (Duo)
Rita (Solo)
Roxy Taggart (Solo)
Roxy Taggart & Carol G (Duo)
Samantha Jolie (Solo)
Samantha Jolie & Ferrara Gomez (Duo)
Sandra Sanchez (Solo)
Sandra Sanchez & Misa (Duo)
Sandra Shine (Solo)
Sandy (Solo)
Sandy & Celina (Duo)
Sandy & Deny (Duo)
Sandy & Melisa (Duo)
Sarah (Solo)
Sarah & Mia (Duo)
Sarah & Natalia (Duo)
Sasha Rose (Solo)
Sasha Rose & Avril Sun (Duo)
Sherry (Solo)
Sherry & Niky (Duo)
Silvie Deluxe (Solo)
Silvie Deluxe & Lola (Duo)
Silvie Deluxe & Monika (Duo)
Silvie Deluxe & Rachel Evans (Duo)
Sophie Moon (Solo)
Sophie Moon & Cameron Cruz (Duo)
Sophie Moon & Nicole Sweet (Duo)
Sunshine (solo)
Sunshine & Mia Hilton (Duo)
Sunshine & Tiffany (Duo)
Susan (Solo)
Susan & Angelica Kitten (Duo)
Susan & Leonelle Knoxville (Duo)
Susan Snow (Solo)
Susan Snow & Ally Style (Duo)
Susan Snow & Elisa (Duo)
Susan Snow & Tarra White (Duo)
Tarra White (Solo)
Tarra White & Ally Style (Duo)
Tarra White & Elisa (Duo)
Tea (Solo)
Tifany (Solo)
Tifany & Niky (Duo)
Tiffany (Solo)
Tiffany & Mia Hilton (Duo)
Tina Kay (Solo)
Tina Kay & Danielle Maye (Duo)
Tina Kay & Faye (Duo)
Tina Kay & Lilly White (Duo)
Victoria Blaze & Leila Smith (Duo)
Walleria (Solo)
Walleria & Tea (Duo)
Wellie (Solo)
Wellie & Angelica Kitten (Duo)
Wellie & Leonelle Knoxville (Duo)
Wellie & Susan (Duo)
Zafira (Solo)
Zafira & Playful Ann (Duo)
Zara (Solo)
Zorah White (Solo)
Zorah White & Avril Sun (Duo)
Zorah White & Sasha Rose (Duo)

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    Candy Belle has a fascination with pin-up models from the 1950's and she always knew she wanted to be just like them. Witness her success here as Candy shows off all her sexy moves for your eyes only. Candy is passionate about sex, making love and feeling good so be sure to follow all her naughty adventures! -- HUNGARY, 33/25.8/33, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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    Wed, 23 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    We are so happy to have Ava Dalush dancing for us. She is a talented and sultry erotic performer with the ability to change her look and energy however she pleases. At times she can be shy and coy, a total tease. Yet other times she can take charge and be domineering enough to make you beg for it. We know you are going to enjoy every one of her stellar performances. -- UNITED KINGDOM, 30/24/33, BROWN-HAIRED, European

  • Download Amarna Miller - Solo

    Wed, 16 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Amarna Miller is a sexy red head that is heating up the stage here at Virtua Girl. Amarna is a Spanish beauty with a juicy booty and curves galore. She considers her ass her best asset, but tells us she totally knows how to work the fiery red hair as well. Amarna loves the attention she gets for being a ginger and she considers flirting one of her favorite hobbies. See her shake her money maker and download all her full performances today. -- SPAIN, 32/24/35, RED HAIR, European

  • Download Amarna Miller and Candy Belle - Duo

    Wed, 16 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Candy Belle and Amarna Miller are making us put out a naughty alert. These two love to fuck one another and they don't hold back, so expect to see all sorts of kink from them. They are lovers both on and off set, so their comfort level with one another allows them to completely give into their inner most desires. -- SPAIN, 32/24/35, RED HAIR, European

  • Download Lala Dream and Candy Belle - Duo

    Wed, 16 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Lala Dream and Candy Belle are two of the horniest divas we've ever had the pleasure of working with. Lala attributes it to her being a late bloomer, so she's making up for lost time while Candy Belle says it's because she just loves sex. Either way, these ladies love to play together. They both have and love big boobs so be ready for a lot of sexy breast and nipple play from these hot babes. -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/30/35, RED HAIR, European

  • Download Amarna Miller and Lala Dream - Duo

    Wed, 09 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    The only thing better than one naked red head is two naked red heads! You know this duo is going to get naughty when their sexual powers collide! Amarna Miller and Lala Dream are cumming to you with their pussies shaven and their favorite toys bared. See what kind of kink and mischief they have in store for their fans as they bring the party and the XXX! -- SPAIN, 32/24/35, RED HAIR, European

  • Download Tiffany Fox and Candy Belle - Duo

    Wed, 09 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Tiffany Fox and Candy Belle are about to heat up the stage for you. Tiffany totally put the flirt on with Candy right from the start. She loved her accent, lips, smile, breasts and ass and apparently the feeling was mutual! See them make out and more as they take the stage together for XXX fun. -- UNITED STATES, 0, BROWN-HAIRED, European

  • Download Tiffany Fox and Amarna Miller - Duo

    Wed, 09 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Around the studio we call Tiffany Fox and Amarna Miller the, "Show Me See Some Legs" duo. Tiffany and Amarna are great friends both on and off the set. One of the things they love to do most is hit the hopping club scene to grind and make out on the dance floor together. They like all eyes on them. One night they missed the last train home and got a free taxi ride by showing off their legs. Long story short, you can see for yourself the erotic show they put on by downloading their sexy scenes. -- UNITED STATES, 0, BROWN-HAIRED, European

  • Download Lala Dream - Solo

    Wed, 02 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Lala Dream is making her debut so be sure to show her ample amounts of love. Lala is 22 years old and she hails from the Czech Republic. She "loves the ladies" and she always enjoyed public displays of affection with her girlfriends. At University she used to make out with all her hot housemates and when she got super popular on campus, she decided to go pro and share her sexuality with the world. -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/30/35, RED HAIR, European

  • Download Tiffany Fox and Lala Dream - Duo

    Wed, 02 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Lala Dream came to us fresh out of University where she used to make out with her girlfriends for attention. Here you can see her do more than make out with the beautiful Tiffany Fox! These two know just how to touch one another to make their pussies ache with desire, so be sure to download all the high definition XXX action today! -- UNITED STATES, 0, BROWN-HAIRED, European

  • Download Tiffany Fox - Solo

    Wed, 02 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Tiffany Fox is a sexy American from the city of angels, Los Angeles. She is 22 years old, petite and hot as hell! Tiffany loves three things in life, sex, stripping and shopping. She is a real firecracker and her energy is contagious. Tiffany loves women and men equally and she puts on an amazingly intense and erotic show. Be sure to catch all her naught performances in their entirety. -- UNITED STATES, 32/25.5/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

  • Download Subil Arch - Solo

    Wed, 25 Jun 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Get ready world, for we are proud to introduce you to Subil Arch. Subil was studying Psychology at University with a specialty in human sexuality. When she did a report on erotic dancers, she realized she wanted to be the one up on stage stripping. Subil now enjoys exploring all aspects of her sexual being on camera. From stripping to role play, toy demonstrations and light BDSM sessions, Subil is always ready and willing to get naked! -- RUSSIA, 35/23.4/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

  • Download Linda Sweet - Solo

    Wed, 25 Jun 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Linda Sweet is going to make you say mmmm. Check out her long legs and lean body. At 21, Linda is full of spunk and her red hair matches her feisty personality perfectly. Linda loves the soft touch of a woman and she says she loves the moment when she tastes a lover for the first time. She is excited to be dancing for us here at Desk Babes and she is already planning which divas she wants to play with in a duo scene. -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 31/26/28.4, RED HAIR, European

  • Download Amber Daikiri and Linda Sweet - Duo

    Wed, 25 Jun 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Amber Daikiri and Linda Sweet make one sexy couple. They both have amazing asses and enjoy all the pleasure that anal play has to offer. Amber tells us that licking Linda's pussy gives her such pleasure that her own vagina pulsates with desire whenever she gives her oral. -- RUSSIA, 36/25/34, BLOND, European

  • Download Chelsy Sun and Linda Sweet - Duo

    Wed, 18 Jun 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Chelsy Sun and Linda sweet are both from Prague, Czech Republic where they love to hit the club scene together. After a night of dancing, they like to go home and strip for one another before they make mad and passionate love, so we asked them to come in and do in on camera so you can watch! -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

  • Download Chelsy Sun and Amber Daikiri - Duo

    Wed, 18 Jun 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Amber Daikiri is one of the best performers we have ever seen. She knows how to move her body like a pro and all the divas of Desk Babes are anxious to make her moan with pleasure. Chelsy Sun couldn't wait to get her hands on kink loving Amber, so make sure you download all their wild sex scenes because they are off the charts erotic! -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

  • Download Amber Daikiri - Solo

    Wed, 18 Jun 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Amber Daikiri is a blond Russian diva that loves her sex with a side of kink. She is one of those women that walks into a room and turns heads because all the men and women can feel her sexual aura. She is a true star and all the ladies of Desk Babes can't wait to work with her, so make sure you keep your eyes on the lovely, kinky and horny Amber Daikiri! -- RUSSIA, 36/25.5/34, BLOND, European

  • Download Victoria Daniels and Amber Daikiri - Duo

    Wed, 11 Jun 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Victoria Daniels and Amber Daikiri like it naughty and rough. A love of kink brought these two sexy dancers together and their stage shows always pack an extra touch of fetish play. If you enjoy sexy lesbians that like to tease, spank, whip and indulge in all sorts of leather and lace, then keep your eyes on Victoria and Amber! -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 0, BROWN-HAIRED, European

  • Download Victoria Daniels and Linda Sweet - Duo

    Wed, 11 Jun 2014 00:00:00 +0200

    Victoria Daniels and Linda Sweet hit it off the second they met in the studio. You could feel the sexual energy between them as they flirted and before the day was through, they were backstage making out with one another. We wanted to capture that raw attraction, so we invited them back to the studio the next day for their first duo dance. It was definitely the right decision! -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 0, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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